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Plus-Size Inspiration: Dreamy Weddings

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The concept of the wedding day is undoubtedly one hot topic, dragging all this history behind every girl’s life. Legend has it, our special day is supposed to bring us unparalleled happiness (which is true if you’re the marrying kind, and if that’s the case, read on!), but when we were little girls, no one warned us about all the other days, preceding the grand finale of our fantasy.

The stress and the expectations of our future self in a wedding dress made of dream material accumulate and sometimes become unbearable. The most common fears for our big day are the usual suspects: “Is everything going to look perfect?”, “Will it rain?” and, our personal favourite: “Am I going to be thin enough?”

To quote Kim K: “Tragic.”

As much as we want to deny it, these are the thoughts that run marathons through every bride-to-be’s mind, let alone the mind of a curvy beauty. The good news is that our size has absolutely nothing to do with how much we’ll enjoy our special day, nothing to do with how the day will be imprinted on our memories, nothing to do with how happy we’ll feel and nothing to do with how stunning we’ll look. Don’t believe us? We’ve got proof!

Callie Thorpe

Our mega girl-crush crushed it on her wedding day! And on top of being a total bombshell, she took the chance to spread messages of positivity for all future brides to embrace: “No matter your size, you will still be the most beautiful person in the room.’’ Noted Callie!


Nicolette Mason

Yes, a flower-embellished, blush-toned, fairy-like dress was a given for Nicolette when she was planning her wedding but nothing compared to the reality! Christian Siriano created her a mind-blowing gown that she could wear every day if she could. That magical day gave Nicolette a Princess for a moment feeling, and if that isn’t precious, we don’t know what is!

Tanesha Awasthi

The gorgeous blogger and her husband had two ceremonies under one reception in a bid to celebrate both their cultures. Tanesha looked as stunning as ever in a classic wedding dress that highlighted her curves beautifully with size definitely the last thing on her mind.

So let’s hope that these visionary ladies will inaugurate a new era for plus-size women on their wedding day. The day that every concern about size will truly feel small and meaningless, might be closer than we thought; but in order for it to arrive, keep Callie’s words close to your heart: “The happy ending is for everyone. So please, please let yourself have it”. 

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