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Plus-Size Inspiration: Curvy Athletes

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The number of gym bodies, health heads and bodybuilders in the world is continuously growing, as more celebrities endorse their crazy fitness routines whilst posting healthy food-spo pics on social media. However the phrase plus-size athletes still seems unconventional and we can’t help but wonder why.

Here’s the debate - On the one hand, becoming fit should be seen as a journey and we all need to start somewhere, right? On the other, are us curvy girls ever really taken seriously while working out? Just think, how many times have you ever really seen a plus-size model grace the cover of a fitness mag?

We’ve found a few inspirational individuals who are determined to pave the way for us plus-size ladies, to subvert the stereotypical build of an athlete and blur the boundaries between fit vs. fat.

Louise Green:

Now Louise is a strong woman in all senses of the word! Not only is she a world renowned athlete and trainer but she’s also resilient, facing the struggles of constantly comparing herself to her slimmer counterparts.

When Louise first started out at her local running club she couldn’t quite keep up, finding herself puffed out very quickly. Just like all of us, Louise had some pretty unhealthy habits of smoking, drinking and crash dieting. However Louise soon fought her demons, taking control of her fitness and embracing her wonderful fuller figure whilst increasing her potential to be taken seriously in the health and fitness industry. If she can do it, why can’t we?!

More plus-size athletes to check out include triathlete Krista Henderson, model and runner Erica Schenk and pole instructor Roz the Diva. Now we’re feeling super inspired!

We are constantly bombarded with health stats and facts about the importance of eating healthily and exercising, so why not stop judging us bigger girls (and guys) when we enter the gym and make fitness available to all? Who’s with us?!

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