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Just Curvy Crush: Dascha Polanco

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Many of us have found ourselves hooked on the Netflix original series Orange is the New Black, but we may have fallen even deeper in love with Latina star and newest Just Curvy Crush, Dascha Polanco.

The exotic 33-year-old plays character Dayanara ‘Daya’ Diaz on the show, portraying the struggles of an inmate at the infamous Litchfield Penitentiary, and she claims to have really connected with her character who is also a voluptuous vixen.

However, while her character may be a sassy Latina, Dascha openly speaks of the real-life struggles she has met and in particular those with her appearance, stating that: “I always doubted auditioning because of my weight.” Can you just imagine the series without the innocent and humble Dascha representing curvy girl realness? We can’t either. Thank goodness Dascha received support from her husband at the time, who enrolled her in an acting class, preparing her for her role in the four-time Emmy award-winning comedy-drama series.

Yet despite overcoming her insecurities and landing her leading role, Dascha faced further difficulties as a fuller-figured girl when being dressed for red carpet events. Despite being absolutely stunning, designers reportedly refused to dress her as she was not sample size. Since, Dascha has reacted, saying: “We’ve got to come up with a different term than sample size”, something that we couldn’t agree with more with Orange Is The New Black a prime example of wonderful women of all shapes and sizes breaking the mould of the stereotypical Hollywood bombshell.

Overcoming these adversities, Dascha has stated: “I love being thick. I love having things to move around”. We reckon that we should take a page out of Dascha’s book and love ourselves no matter how hard it may be!

Follow Dascha on Twitter now @shelsdash for more snaps of the beauty and her daily thoughts, and make sure you check us out too @justcurvy for the latest curvy fashion, plus-size news and Just Curvy Crushes. 

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