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Plus-Size Inspiration: #WeWearWhatWeWant

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We all love and need a bit of body positivity from time to time, so we found it both inspiring and powerful when we logged into Twitter recently and discovered an influx of Photoshop-free images of beautiful, voluptuous women on our timelines. It’s fair to say that bigger women’s stories aren’t usually shared but there was really no hiding from them when Simone Mariposa, an LA-based model, started the hashtag #WeWearWhatWeWant that rapidly begun trending.

The self-acclaimed fat, chocolate-covered flower queen was inspired to fuel the movement at the end of last month, upon seeing a story on her own timeline about a fellow plus-size beauty being publicly shamed for wearing something that showed too much skin, something that we find extremely relatable as day to day we personally feel and hear fears of being bullied for wearing crop tops, shorts, bikinis and mini dresses – even in summer! Well, #WeWearWhatWeWant refutes that by proving that showing skin isn’t exclusive to smaller girls and it’s okay for a plus-size woman to let her body breathe in her clothing.

The hashtag received a vast amount of support, something we were very happy to see, especially in such a small amount of time, including support from the likes of glamour model Tess Holliday and UK vlogger Gracie Francesca. What’s more is that the hashtag even gained support from women of smaller sizes promoting unconditional self-love - feel the girl power ladies!

Wearing whatever you want is a super simple concept to conceive, but a difficult one to live by in a society that still upholds the ideal of sample size as the single standard of beauty and one that implicitly states fashion rules. Still, rules are meant to be broken, and whose approval are we looking for anyway? Perhaps what we need to accept is that there will always be women of different shapes and sizes and we should work on creating clothing that fits and flatters all sizes. Luckily at Just Curvy, we do just that!

Check out #WeWearWhatWeWant on Twitter for more inspirational images and follow the originator of the movement @SimoneMariposa for more curvy wisdom.