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Plus-Size Fashion: Which Maxi Dress Is Right For You?

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As warmer weather approaches, now’s the time to start thinking about your summer wardrobe, and what does every summer wardrobe need? A maxi dress! Great for so many reasons, they hide a multitude of sins and everyone can rock one, but that doesn’t mean every maxi will look great on you. So to make sure you pick the perfect maxi for your body shape, here is our breakdown on the perfect maxi dress for you and your curves.


Petite women often avoid maxi dresses for fear that they will drown in a swamp of fabric, but if you’re petite you can wear a maxi, providing you choose the right one! Of course heels are always a great option for smaller ladies, but the easiest way for petite ladies to rock a maxi is to go for one with a high waistline, as this helps to give the illusion of longer legs. Our Black with Mesh Panels Sequin Embellished Maxi is perfect for petite ladies and for adding a little glamour to your wardrobe.


Now maxi dresses can overemphasise certain areas, which can sometimes be a good thing and sometimes bad, so the key for pear-shaped women is to draw attention away from the hips, something which you can do by bringing attention to your upper body with dresses that feature lots of detail on the bust. Focusing more on prints and textures at the top of the body will distract from the hips, our Black & Gold Sequin Embellished Sleeveless Chiffon Maxi Dress is great at drawing the eyes upward with its gold sequin detail.


While many women probably think being busty is a blessing, those who are may disagree, as it’s hard to find dresses that fit properly without looking too bulky up top. A dress with a V-shaped neck balances out a heavy top whilst showing off your best assets. Thick straps such as those found on our Green & Blue Abstract Peacock Print Maxi Dress are also ideal, as these cover up bra straps and give extra support!

Feeling inspired? Take a look at our complete range of maxi dresses and get your wardrobe ready for summer here.