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Plus-Size Fashion: Top 5 Tips To Flatter Apple Shapes

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If there’s one thing we’ve learned from our time in the fashion industry, it’s that one size does not fit all and that every body is different.

Whether you identify as a pear, an apple or an hourglass, everyone’s shape is unique to them and no matter what size or shape you are, there are a few simple styling tricks to help you make the most of your curves.

Not sure if you’re an apple? If you identify with the following then you most certainly are!

  • You have no defined waist.
  • Your legs are lean but your torso is curvy.
  • You’ve got boobs!

So now that we’re clear on what makes an apple, here are our top tips to flatter and make the most of your gorgeous shape.

1. Invest In Good Underwear

Such a simple rule but one that too many women ignore, as apple shapes tend to be busty, good support is key in order to flatter and flaunt. Opt for bras that have thicker straps and a sturdy underwire to support your bust, our Curvy Kate Smoothie Bra is perfect plus it comes with a chic leopard print pattern.

2. Ruching

A curvy girl’s best friend, ruching is not only a stylish addition to any item, it also helps to confuse the eye, disguising any lumps and bumps along the way - perfect for those of us who aren’t so keen on our tums.

3. Embrace The V

Now we understand that those who have a slightly bigger bust may want to cover it up, but we say embrace it, as covering up only makes you look even more top heavy. Opt for V-neck blouses and dresses as these draw the eye down the body and look uber slimming. Our top pick? Our Black Chiffon Wrap Over Embellished Dress. A classic style that’s perfect for any event, a girl can never have too many LBD’s, plus its empire line style will accentuate your best assets while skimming over your tum.

4. Layer Up

It goes without saying that this time of year we’re all about the layers, but layering up doesn’t just help us keep warm. Oh no, it can help lengthen your silhouette too. Try layering our Wine Waterfall Jersey Cardigan over some skinny jeans and a vest to help lengthen your look.

5. 70’s Hippie

Now we’re not suggesting you go crazy and kit your wardrobe out with 70’s inspired style, rather take subtle nods from the era and embrace the flared jean. One of this season’s biggest trends, flares work well as they help give apple shapes proportion whilst making sure you’re one of the best-dressed women about this season.

So there you have it, our top tips for apple shapes. What tricks will you be trying?