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Plus-Size Fashion: Three Blogger’s You Need To Be Following This Spring

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We have to admit, we’re addicted to our phones! Unfortunately that’s just the generation we live in and while we might not be putting down our phones anytime soon, we can control what we spend our time obsessing over whilst on them. So with this in mind, we’ve rounded up our top three curvy Instagrammers to give you a little style inspiration this spring, all from the comfort of your phone.


To put it bluntly we are obsessed with Nicolette but even more so with her Instagram! Always managing to satisfy our Instagram hungry obsession, her feed is a lovely mixture of fashion and beauty, helping us along our fashion and body confidence journey.

Constantly evolving and staying on trend, she certainly knows how to dress for her shape, and she does a good job too! Forever switching up her style, playing around with different textures and colours, she shows no fear of bold shades or from standing out in a crowd. Exuding confidence with her fashion, she proves that confidence really is the best accessory!


Now this woman is a plus-size goddess! There really is only one reason to follow Chastity and that’s her amazing fashion sense, with her bold fashion choices, she knocks all typical expectations for us plus-size girl’s right out the park!

Don’t ever tell Chastity that plus-size women shouldn’t wear that because she’ll stomp all over that statement in a fierce outfit and heels that will have you re-thinking everything you ever thought about what you can and cannot wear!

Not only does she show us that plus-size women can wear anything, she also doesn’t let us forget that fierce women need fierce nails! She never fails to keep us inspired and up-to-date on the latest nail trends, whether it is colour, shape or pattern and if she isn’t showing us how to be brave and take on styles that we wouldn’t dare before, or showing us how to keep our sass up with flawless nails and accessories, she’s proving that we can all achieve celebrity looks that would give even celebrities a run for their money.


Now for all of us girls who don’t feel brave enough to wear bright colours and prints, then Callie is the one to follow. She, like many other women, can’t resist wearing black on the regular, although Callie has proven that she can knock them dead in colour, black is definitely her go-to staple shade.

A curvy girl with an urban edge, her staple look is leather, shades and trainers. Real and genuine, we follow her feed not only for her stylish get-ups but her gorgeous smile and cute cat Luna.

Need even more fashion inspiration and body confidence? Check out our Instagram feed @justcurvyfashion.