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Just Curvy Crush: Clementine Desseaux

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So many things that we love are French: croissants, baguettes, red wine, pain au chocolat… Men! But we mustn’t forget to mention our newest addition to the list – Clementine Desseaux!

The 28-year-old self-proclaimed entrepreneur, blogger and model redefines the allure that French women stereotypically have as petite, nimble beings. Moreover, Clementine opens our minds to the idea that curvy women also possess that certain je ne sais quoi!

With plus-size modelling having gone from strength to strength with the ever growing representation of curvy beauties in the fashion industry, the freckle-faced goddess that is Clementine first made her mark when she was rumoured to be the first plus-size model to be cast for Christian Louboutin Beauty. 

Addressing the rumours herself, Clementine stated that this was untrue and that Louboutin Beauty had simply regrammed a video of her wearing their lipstick. Still, Clementine suggests that: “It was a good opening for us to actually start talking about things”, in reference to the conversation about size and beauty, something that we definitely agree with!

In addition to blessing us all with her marvellous modelling snaps, Clementine runs her own blog, bonjourclem.com, which covers a wide range of topics including lifestyle, food, fashion and beauty. Not only is Clementine’s blog a good read, it’s also had a wonderful social impact, starting with her #SaySomethingNice campaign, which encourages spreading love rather than hate over social media and in person.

We love Clementine’s ability to embrace her voluptuous curves and determination to spread body positivity! Follow her on Instagram now, @bonjourclem, and make sure you check us out too, @justcurvyfashion, for the latest curvy fashion, plus-size news and Just Curvy Crushes.