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Just Curvy Crush – Christina Mendez

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This week we’re crushing on the beautiful Christina Mendez!

Now you may not have heard of her, but don’t worry, as we’re about to give you the low-down on all things Miss Mendez.

Beginning her modelling career in high school, where she strutted her stuff with the schools fashion committee, Christina says she immediately fell in love with fashion, continuing to walk her school’s halls until moving to college, where she fell pregnant and ultimately gave up modelling.

With her modelling days feeling like a lifetime away and an autistic son to look after, Christina had all but forgotten what it felt like to be on the runway, until she decided to take the plunge and walk in a tiny show based in a basement!

The turning point for what would be Christina fulfilling her runway-shaped dreams, she’s since gone on to model for Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Shape and was even named one of the most notable plus-size models by Fox News in 2009.

But Christina’s not just happy with flaunting her figure on paper, oh no, she’s even walked at New York Fashion Week, continuing to break down barriers when it comes to plus-size modelling.

A body positive role model, speaking to The Curvy Fashionista when asked to describe their slogan of Curvy Confident Chic, Mendez said: Someone who is confident about her curves in all sizes - someone very stylish, trendy, loyal to her curves, knows what to and not to wear!” Sounds like a girl who knows her stuff!

But it’s not just style advice we’ll be taking from Miss Mendez, she has some wise words of wisdom about the path to body acceptance and self-love, noting that no two journey’s will be the same: “Do not follow other people’s path, create your own!”

Not only is Christina an advocate for body positivity, running her own blog about her experiences in the plus-size industry, she’s also an advocate for several charities, with her main charity work involving speaking as an Autism advocate for Autism Speaks after her son was diagnosed as autistic when he was two and half years old; Mendez cites him as a big inspiration in her life.

With an impressive resume, gorgeous curves and a heart made of gold, we can’t wait to see more from this gorgeous lady!