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Curvy Yogis

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Now when most people think of yoga, they think of lean, slender bodies that can bend and twist and transform into the most amazing shapes, and while this is true, it is also true that us curvy ladies can pull off a pose or two. Our curves are wonderful and our bodies can do lots of amazing things, us curvy girls can be just as fit, flexible and fabulous as any other after all! So with this in mind, here’s our top curvy yogis, follow them and get inspired!

Jessamyn Stanley

Twenty-eight year-old Jessamyn doesn’t just practice yoga, she preaches it. A yoga teacher from North Carolina, her feed is full of inspiring photos and accompanying quotes. “It’s important to ask how do I feel rather than how do I look”, she says of her approach to exercise, something that we couldn’t agree with more, after all, health isn’t about how you look on the outside but about how you feel on the inside. Having practiced yoga for the past 12 years, Jessamyn wants people to embrace both the practice and their shape and ultimately gain some body confidence in the process.

Dana Falsetti

At a low point in her life, Dana believed her unhappiness was due to her curves. Unhappy with her body, she set out to lose a few pounds, which she did, but despite her thinking that losing weight was the key to happiness, she realised it wasn’t, at all. Instead she turned to yoga. Admitting that she was apprehensive about taking up the practice, her mind-set and unhappiness soon began to change as she felt her body get stronger and overcome challenges she never thought she could. “When you practice yoga, you will prove yourself wrong time and time again until you have no choice but to realise that there is no limit to you”, now if that isn’t an advert to take up the downward dog, we don’t know what is!

Brittany Danielle

A full-time mum, Brittany shows how yoga is for everyone. With a feed that’s full of inspiring poses, she’s the ultimate multi-tasker including her kids in her fitness and proving that you really can pull up a pose anywhere!