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Curvspiration – Meet the woman who put on 5st to become a plus-size model

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Now we here at Just Curvy HQ love nothing more than an inspirational lady, whether that lady be tall, short, petite or plus-sized we just love hearing about women who stand up for themselves and what they believe in. Which is why we loved the story of Tiffany Newson, the size 10 model from Hertfordshire who put on 5st after being told she was too big for the modelling industry and would never make it as a model.

Proving that curves are sexy, the now size 18 Tiffany has fulfilled her life-long dream and has even been told she’s the plus-size Kelly Brook.


However it wasn’t always that way: “Casting agents told me I had a good face but my body was too big. They advised me to drop to a size 6, even though I’d have been skin and bones.”

As if we needed further proof that the fashion industry and it’s obsession with thin damages body confidence and self-esteem, Tiffany then slipped into a dangerous spiral of calorie counting in an attempt to shed the lbs asked of her, something that she managed to snap out of after gaining a hair modelling contract.

“I realised they’d picked me for me and there was no point trying to be teeny-weeny when I wasn’t. I was sensible after that and got back to eating properly,” something that helped Tiffany reach what we like to call her happy weight.

Now a size 18, Tiffany’s confidence has slowly risen and she’s being booked for campaigns all the time and has even made it to the final 20 of Ms Curvaceous, a plus-size modelling competition.

Although she still works as an admin assistant in the day, Tiffany’s finally happy with her figure and is proof that curves are sexy and nothing can stand in the way of your dreams if you really want them.

So what are you waiting for ladies? Get out there, flaunt those curves and achieve those dreams!