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5 Inspirational Plus Size Instagrammers


@darlingiknow (Cailey Darling)

Cailey’s outrageously amazing style mixed with her amazingly sassy attitude is the reason her Instagram is such a success and has been recently highlighted by publications like Teen Vogue! Cailey’s willingness to call out anyone who criticises her by reinforcing how much she loves her body is admirable and such an amazing attribute. Her Green ombre hair compliments her brave style and makes her a figure to watch. With her promise to keep her head high and keep up posting images that she feels good in with a care-less attitude towards others who try to bring her down, we are sure that Cailey will continue to thrive in all that she does! 

@mynameisjessamyn (Jessamyn Stanley)

Jessamyn Stanley’s impressive Instagram boasts over 140k followers and helps solidify the fact that not all yoga bunnies have to be a UK size 6 lululemon princess. As a yoga teacher herself, her amazingly inspirational photographs show her in a number of different Bikram yoga positions whilst wearing sports bra’s and leggings in order to emphasise the idea that women shouldn’t need to analyse how they look whilst holding themselves in various yoga positions but instead should focus on how it makes them feel. After reading through a variety of Jessamyn’s Instagram posts we can assure you, after doing so you’ll feel re-energised and ready to get into the downward dog position!

@CupcakesLoveMe (Georgina)

We’re absolutely loving Georgina’s kitsch and cutesy Instagram! Her feed features Japanese anime, kawaii and LOTS of pastel pinks, making all of our candyfloss dreams come true! Her staple style makes for an amazing Insta feed aswell and takes us right back to the early 2000s! Just like the other two inspirational grammers, Georgina’s willingness to not conform to boundaries makes her super inspirational and we love the fact her feed always brightens up our days!

@Mycurvesandcurls (Assa)

Assa’s Style is absolutely FLAWLESS and as she describes it, absolutely ‘versatile’. Her willingness to switch up her style depending on her mood means that we’re never out of outfit Inspo! From sleek and chic to graphic and funky, Assa’s enthusiasm and eclectic style (aswell as her killer smile) is contagious! If we weren’t obsessed enough with Assa, her amazing topographical photographs have us lusting over where she will travel next, a must follow account for all of you fashionable wanderlusters out there!

@Calliethorpe (Callie Thorpe)

Not only is Callie Thorpe super fashionable, super relatable and super inspirational, she’s also Marie Claire’s newest curve columnist! Her amazing articles match the exact tone of her Instagram and leave us feeling positive and raring for the day! She explains that the road to ‘loving her body’ was longer than assumed and how she’s fed up of plus size women being labelled ‘brave’ for wearing shorts of ‘inspirational’ for showing a lot of skin. After having been inspired by other plus size fashion bloggers and ‘living unapologetically’ she says how it was these women who gave her the push to realise she too could leave a fearless life. Today Callie leads an amazing instagram helping other women gain the confidence she used to have so little of. Her Instagram is a MUST follow and her articles are a MUST read for anyone feeling a little conscious. We’re huge fans