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We all know shopping for clothing can sometimes be a drag, for example, not finding exactly what you’re after or not truly liking what you do eventually find, when all you crave for is pieces to flatter and enhance your fuller figure.

That’s why today we’ve put together some top tips to help you flatter your beautiful curves over the bank holiday weekend and make sure you’re actually making the most of them…

1) Opt for a top/dress with an empire waist – The empire waist nips in at the smallest part of your body, naturally emphasizing your curves and showing off one of your best assets

2) Consider a wrap-style top too – Wrap styles also nip in at the waist, showing off your slim middle and accentuating your curvy hourglass shape

3) Choose dark wash jeans – the darker colour is slimming on your thighs and legs and won’t draw attention to a potential problem area

4) Opt for form-fitting dresses, rather than loose box cuts – instead of drowning your figure in baggy fabric, show it off by creating a gorgeous silhouette and emphasising what your mama gave you

5) Wear V-necks top – and draw attention to your bust, making it the focal point of your outfit

6) Stick with simple patterns/prints – anything too busy or loud will just draw more attention to your outfit – so unless that’s what you want, steer clear of them

7) Wear heels – to elongate your legs and make yourself appear taller and slimmer, then strut your stuff girlfriend (not available at Just Curvy)

8) Look for form-fitting/belted jackets – again, these will nip in the waist and not drown your gorgeous curvy silhouette. Wear your hair down when wearing styles that end at the hips to balance the look

9) Stick with boot cut jeans for more versatility – the flare at the bottom will even out your widest part (hips) meaning you’ll look more in proportion and a more hourglass silhouette

10)  Look for sheer, soft fabrics that drape across your body– and cling to your curves. Avoid stiff fabrics which won’t lay well on your curves

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